Why is my house not selling

Why is my house not selling! This is probably the number one statement from people trying to sell their home. With the market absorption at its peak for the amount of listings , what can a seller do to make their home stand out to a potential buyer. Buyers are at a premium and they are more than picky about the house they want to purchase. With so many houses to choose from, and the desire to see all of them ,buyers are just not ready to make a commitment.

Your house has to be the shiny penny in the neighborhood. Place yourself in the position of a buyer and take a good look at your home. Is your home the best looking from the outside than all the other homes in your neighborhood? If your home has clutter, or chipped paint around the windows ,or the screen door is shabby looking, then potential buyers are going to think the inside is the same. No matter how gorgeous the inside looks, if people drive by and the outside is not attractive ,then the buyer is not going to want to look at the inside. Don’t be afraid to ask your realtor for their opinion as to what you can do to make your home more pleasing to a buyer. As a realtor I feel it is my obligation to offer advice to my clients on what they should do to make their home more appealing. Maggie


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